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Located in Central Station Amsterdam
Lil’ Amsterdam Passage ( United 31 M )
Daily open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Welcome to the world of Upcycled Art & Design

Re-Use, Re-Design & RELOVE

Everything on display at Relove Gallery has been created by transforming discarded materials into art works or functional design items.

Upcycled Art & Design utilizes things usually thrown in the trash. a creative challenge embraced by our Amsterdam-based artists resulting in one-of-a-kind articles that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. The process by which these exclusively designed products are made respects the environment and help safeguard it for future generations.

Our vision of the resources surrounding us aim to support and contribute to a circular society.

We are not afraid of big dreams (and small beginnings.) Call us artists, creators, makers.

Pay us a visit and get inspired by Dutch Upcycled Art & Design
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Artists & designers

Upcycling art & design

Pekelharing bags

Unique bags from Upcycled seat belts

Bo Doir

Clothing based on vintage 100% silk scarves

Margot Mulder studio

One of a kind jewellery pieces made of natural materials often combined with single use plastics or other manmade materials


Characteristics Patchwork pants

Kyoko Kimono

Upcycling traditional Japanese Kimono into modern forms


The Vinyl Record Upcycled LED lamp


Traditional made felt bags from Amsterdam


Makes beautiful bags with discarded workwear

Studio Daniel Buonvino

Upcycled beer barrel lamps

The Upcycle

Transforming waste into useful products

Frida Badoux

Unique Objects

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Stationsplein Winkelunit 31 M
Lil Amsterdam passage in Central Station
1012 AB Amsterdam
the Netherlands